When we hired Lavender & Lace (L&L) as our wedding consultant, I really didn't know what to expect. I will have to say she is very friendly and personable. I know as a guy, we really aren't always allowed to really help and plan a wedding. At L&L it is her idea that it is a good thing to have the future husbands involved in the wedding planning. The men should feel like they are a part of the whole wedding.

My first task as a groom was to help with the color palettes. I will tell you as a groom this isn't easy. So, to make it easy the bride and the consultant brought me 4 color palettes to choose from, I chose the one I liked best. She is always giving options and makes it easy and fun. This went with the same with helping pick the correct colors and paper for the invitations as well. Then we went to all the vendors, cake, flowers, and the decorations, they gave me options to choose from. Yes, now as a guy I see how difficult it is for a bride to do all the work, getting a wedding going, all the decisions they must do.

On the day of the wedding after showing up at the venue early in the morning, I was expecting to help and get things going, L&L was on the job before we arrived at 7:00am. They were already making sure things were in place and going without a hitch. With this whole process from the beginning to the end, my bride and I had this wonderful experience, one that I have never had before. With L&L being there the whole day was fun, all the way to making sure that the vendors where on time and doing their part in our ceremony.

If i would ever have to do any other event from Weddings, Anniversaries, Engagements, Bridal Showers, Bachelor Parties, Receptions, and the like; I'll be calling on L&L again. They went above and beyond my expectations.

Thank you L&L.

RC-January 2019