Featured services

We'll arrange food and drinks

We partner with a variety of quality food and beverage options, and after we talk, I'll be able to bring in the right fit for your event.


Looking for that perfect place? Know what you want, but just not where it's at? We're happy to help you find exactly the right place for you and what you're looking for!

We can help you find an officiant

Need a minister, rabbi, shaman, medicine man, Elvis impersonator or priest? We can help you find the right one for you!

Video or photographer?

These are the moments that shape our lives, and sometimes, we just want proof of how perfect it all really was. So let us help you find the right video or photo person to capture your day!

More to come!


We work with a variety of vendors and will go the extra mile to find the right one to fit your vision for your event!


Keep an eye on our blog for articles about the different vendors and locations we work with, you'll love what's coming!