Welcome to Lavender & Lace Blog


My hope, with this blog is to give information someone may need when considering events. I always like to start with the end of my event and work backwards, the finish is important. What I mean is this, at the end of the event; would you change something? Would you change the season, time of day, colors, flower type, outdoors or in, umbrella's or sunscreen, to tan or not to tan. The litany of decisions are never ending, they can also make you stray from your desired end result quickly.

This is why I recommend a consultant for your event. Consultants, planners, or any other name are all in the same business. They are there to make your event easier on you and your families, they help take the stress of the event off your shoulders. Even for the biggest control freak it's a blessing to have help, to have someone un-biased to remember the little things, keep track of your first and best choices, to keep everyone on the same page, and keep everyone from pressuring you into choices that don't work. After all, your event is about you.

So, from here I will be blogging weekly on all things around events, things sometimes overlooked, and things that make it even more special. I hope you follow along and gain a few useful ideas, or considerations that help you find your path to great memories.


Live the Good Life.