A little about us

Lavender & Lace, Wedding Consulting was started in 2018 out of love and dreams.

Through life's ups and downs, I've always wanted to help bring the love and dreams of couples into beautiful memories. In today's busy world, there are so many things coming at a busy couple. This is where Lavender & Lace comes in, we can help mitigate the many choices decisions, desires, dreams, and additional outside influences. Lavender & Lace, Wedding Consulting can help with all your needs. This can be from every moment in the beginning, to the end of the clean up. If your needs are less and simpler; we are good at that too.

Every couple has different wants and needs, we would like to help you make the most of your event; whether that is the most extravagant and elegant, or down to the simplistic style that screams you. We believe that the couples combined wants and desires are most important to any successful wedding day. We are in a perfect position to help the busiest of couples find their path, the path to their new life, and their wedding dreams. We like to involve both the bride and groom, we help by using your time wisely and efficiently. Blending each individual's likes and wants is what we do best, after all blending together is what your marriage will be about; so, let us help you do this through all phases of planning.

We will develop a bond of understanding, this understanding can help with bringing important traditions, loss of family members, special cultural wants, or even things that bring out the unique in you. Lavender & Lace makes you and your dreams a reality and our priority every step of the way.